generate_interactive_plot plots MIMS unit values or raw signal using dygraphs interactive plotting library.

generate_interactive_plot(df, y_label, value_cols = c(2, 3, 4))



data.frame.The dataframe storing MIMS unit values or raw accelerometer signal. The first column should be timestamps.


str. The label name to be put on the y axis.


numerical vector. The indices of columns storing values, typically starting from the second column. The default is `c(2,3,4)`.


A dygraphs graph object. When showing, the graph will be plotted in a html widgets in an opened browser.

See also

Other visualization functions.: illustrate_extrapolation(), illustrate_signal()


  # Use sample data for testing
  df = sample_raw_accel_data

  # Plot using default settings, due to pkgdown limitation, no interactive
  # plots will be shown on the website page.
                            y_label="Acceleration (g)")
# The function can be used to plot MIMS unit values as well mims = mims_unit(df, dynamic_range=c(-8, 8)) #> ================================================================================ generate_interactive_plot(mims, y_label="MIMS-unit values", value_cols=c(2))