This is a replication of Figure 3 in the manuscript. The consistency test is run with the following devices on an orbital shaker with RPM ranging from 60 (approx. 1 Hz) to 480 (approx. 8Hz).

Activpal 20 2
GT3X 30 3
GT3XPlus 40 6
GT3XPlus 80 6
GT9X 100 16
GT9X 60 8
LGUrbaneR 100 2
MotoGPlay 50 2

The collected dataset is then processed by three accelerometer data summary algorithms for comparison.

  1. Actigraph counts (processed using Actilife software)
  2. ENMO (used by UK Biobank project)
  3. MIMS-Unit (used by NHANES project)

The collected data is calibrated using at least 24h wearing data when applying ENMO algorithm as suggested in the paper. The other two algorithms do not require specific calibration unless the calibration is suggested by device manufacturers.

Coefficient of variety of three accelerometer data summarizations cross different devices

Accelerometer data summarizations for different devices