sampling_rate estimates the sampling rate based on the average time intervals between adjacent samples for the input multi-channel signal.




dataframe. Input dataframe of the multi-channel signal. The first column is the timestamps in POSXlct format and the following columns are accelerometer values.


number. The estimated sampling rate in Hz.


This function accepts a dataframe of multi-channel signal, computes the duration of the sequence, and gets the sampling rate by dividing the number of samples by it.

How is it used in MIMS-unit algorithm?

This function is a utility function that was used in various part in the algorithm whenever we need to know the sampling rate.

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# Get the test data df = sample_raw_accel_data # Default sampling rate is 80Hz sampling_rate(df)
#> [1] 80
# Downsample to 30Hz output = bandlimited_interp(df, 80, 30) sampling_rate(output)
#> [1] 30
# Upsampling to 100Hz output = bandlimited_interp(df, 80, 100) sampling_rate(output)
#> [1] 100